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エリオ オルサーラ

アンティカサルメリア 創業者





私は農村の出身者として日本の農家と手を携えていきたいと思うに至りました。日本の最高の品質の生の素材と原料を、正しい“ノウハウ”で世界基準を満たす商品を作りあげたい!アンティカ サルメリアでは、オール日本産の最高品質の肉だけを原料としています。将来的には、弊社のサラミ作りに必要なイタリアのパプリカなどいろいろな香辛料を国内で栽培して“オール メイド イン ジャパン”商品の実現を目指したいと考えています。



“オール メイド イン ジャパン”アンティカサルメリアのサラミをぜひ召し上がってください。日本を応援しましょう!








Founder of Antica Salumeria.


I am an Italian very proud of my heritage. After many different experiences around the world I finally settled down in Japan. I met my wife here, started my family, and have made many loyal friends. You could say I have fulfilled my “Japanese dream”. After almost twenty five years blessed with happiness, I feel it`s time to give back.

I come from a rural area in Calabria with a strong farming tradition, and I am in love with the Japanese countryside and its farmers. I have always tried to be true to my origins by focusing on genuine and healthy cuisine made from organic, natural ingredients.


As a countryside man, I would like to help and support the Japanese Farmers. Japanese raw materials and ingredients are of the highest quality and with the right “know how” they can be transformed into world class products. In Antica Salumeria we use only the highest quality meat, all made in Japan. In the future, I would also like to produce all varieties of Italian peppers needed to prepare our salami in order to have an “All made in Japan” product.


The Olympic Games in 2020 are approaching, and the whole world will be looking at Japan. It is a unique opportunity to show the world the best of this country. Support Japan: try Antica Salumeria salami!

Buon appetito!


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